2018 Workforce Development Cohort


 Describe the mission of your venture and how your work tackles Austin's Workforce Development challenges…


3 Day StartUp

3 Day Startup’s mission is to accelerate careers of middle skilled workers through experiential entrepreneurship education. In building bridges between the community and encouraging entrepreneurial thinking, structural barriers can be overcome and local economies advanced.


Alcye’s mission is to create a world where people’s learning journeys are more connected, supported, and successful. Adult learners don’t have to journey alone, and we can help the facilitators increase retention and success among their learners. Alcye is a solution to build online communities that inspires action, connection, and growth among people that share an identity or interest. Our unique combination of integrated communication, peer engagement, social learning and mentoring makes Alcye the platform a learning community wants and needs.

Austin Coding Academy

Austin Coding Academy is an education institute that provides diverse communities the most accessible coding education. We work to transform lives and prepare students for lifelong, fulfilling careers in the Technology field.

Central Texas Allied                      Health Institute 

Central Texas Allied Health Institute is a higher education organization, which focuses on offering applied associate and bachelors degree programs in allied health professions. This institute helps close the gap of employment for communities of color and provides more stable and sustainable workforce in the healthcare sector.

Hernandez Hospitality, LLC 

Hernandez Hospitality is a catering and event business that hires and trains their own workforce for every project with an emphasis on providing living wages paired with marketable professional skills and life skills development opportunities. 


KeyUp's mission is to enable young adults to get good jobs with growth potential without going through the time and expense of getting four-year degrees. KeyUp connects individuals with training programs and support services that empower them to reach middle-skill careers and beyond.

MediaTech Ventures Collective

MediaTech Ventures' Collective is dedicated to putting our Creative Class to work.  Through online aggregation of career demands in the media industry as well as customized training to equip the creative class we are ensuring Austin has the creative and technical skills, mentors, and opportunities it needs to thrive in the new economy.


PelotonU ensures working adults can earn a college degree without sacrificing  existing work and family commitments. With the required degree and new skills, our students can fill important local workforce needs and area employers can upskill their staff for internal management positions. 


#WI is building an ecosystem that connects top talent from diverse populations and Austin’s most innovative companies. Our success supports Austin’s leading corporate culture for the 21st century, building employers of choice and harnessing the creative potential of our biggest asset, Austin’s people.