• Gather Venues: Lamar (map)

The Fifth Agreement and The Wisdom of the Shamans
An inspirational evening
with author and shaman don José Ruiz

Millions of readers from around the globe have been touched by the spiritual teachings in The Four Agreements, but many aren’t aware that there is actually a Fifth Agreement that ties the other four together.
In this powerful one-night event, don José Ruiz, shaman and co-author of The Fifth Agreement (which he wrote with his father, don Miguel Ruiz), will share with us the magic behind this essential spiritual tool and teach you how to implement it in your daily life, as well as explain how all of the Toltec agreements are grounded in the wisdom of his family’s shamanic tradition.

For the Toltec people, we are all artists—the word “Toltec” actually means artist in their native language and refers to the “art” that is expressed in how we choose to live our lives.
Join don José Ruiz for this powerful evening, and he will show you how this incredible spiritual culture is designed to help you wake up, find your own personal freedom, and live in peace and harmony with yourself and others on this beautiful planet.

Let this special evening speak to the artist in you, and serve as an invitation to create your masterpiece.