We have grown into the vibrant and impactful community you know and love because each and every one of you are a part of it - and we want to make sure that everyone who is looking for a community and place to grow both personally and professionally finds it.  That being said, we are asking for your help.  

We invite you to help us expand our circles even wider through our new Vuka Ambassador program.  

What you can do for Vuka

We humbly (and excitedly) request that you let your personal networks know about the great things happening at Impact Hub Austin, Gather Venues and Wake Up.  Our hope is that through our Ambassador program we can intentionally grow our community to include even more like-minded people who are passionate about making their communities and this world a better place for everyone.  

What We'll Do For You

We know that reaching out to your community takes time, so in the spirit of reciprocity, we would like to do two things:

1. SHARE 5%

...of the proceeds generated from any leads you send us with you - whether that’s a new member at Impact Hub Austin or an event at Gather Venues.

2. DONATE 2%

...of any revenue that comes in from connections you establish for us to your favorite charity!  

If you’re interested, please fill out the short form below.  If you have questions, please email Ryan at ryan@vukacollective.com.  


Apply to be a Vuka Ambassador

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Indicate which charity you'd like to receive 2% of your referral's revenue
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