Austin Monitor

“The power here is in the networking and coaching that will help them focus in on a problem and hopefully find a solution...” 


"There is frustration... not only with what’s happening in Washington but also a realization that the tech community must help to preserve some of the cultural values that they believe made Austin a top tech city in the first place."

512 TECH

"Alex Le Roux has an unusual idea for how to lower the cost of housing in Austin. He wants to build homes using a 3D printer.... Those sorts of ideas are just what organizers of a new Austin affordable housing accelerator program are looking for."

Austin American-Statesman

"A cohort of new business accelerator programs in Austin is looking for entrepreneurs with ideas that can make the world a better place and make a profit. By applying the accelerator model to these startups, program directors hope to help the most promising business ideas succeed faster."


"It’s true: two of the most pressing issues in Austin are affordable housing and mobility. Now, a new accelerator program backed by some of Austin’s most powerful advocates aims to find a needle in a haystack — an idea that truly turns Austin’s affordability trend around before it’s too late."