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ICON 3D prints homes out of cementitious materials. This allows homes to be built quickly, more affordably, and opens up design possibilities to architects.

Affordable Central Texas

Affordable Central Texas is the sponsor of the Austin Housing Conservancy, a private equity fund targeted to preserve existing multifamily communities to individuals and families in the Austin workforce.  

TBL Fund

TBL Fund creates economic, environmental and social benefits for low-income populations through innovative financing. TBL Fund provides development services and financial products to low-income communities living in multifamily affordable housing (MFAH) to facilitate green rehabilitation.  


Developods is a shipping container prefabrication manufacturer that strives to offer convenient, effective and accessible housing solutions that are environmentally friendly, yet more affordable than traditional methods.


They seek to empower community leaders with the ability to understand the full picture of affordability, equity, and sustainability. They believe affordability discussions must include location efficiency, counting both the costs of housing and transportation.

all abode

all abode creates housing solutions based on the mantra: smaller, sustainable and smarter. For the Impact Hub accelerator initiative they will be collaborating with partners to design and preview a web-enabled engagement tool for Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) buyers and sellers. 

The Auditors

aka The Austin Community Data Coalition
Sharing actionable, resident focused data that ensures cities measure the impact of their affordable housing solutions with their stated intent.

We do this by creating a system for collecting, analyzing and sharing data on affordable housing residents and extracting insights from the data to inform impactful, effective policy solutions that address the affordable housing crisis.

Alley Flat Initiative

Anti-Displacement Financing Program

Their mission is to serve low and moderate income Austin households interested in building an Alley Flat on their property that will provide rental income to help them stay in place, combating development and displacement pressures. 

Sprout Tiny Homes 

Sprout is a leader in the small-living industry – uncovering new and innovative ways to transform tiny home into income producing properties, developments, partnerships, and business models.