Applications Closed

In the Spring of 2018, in partnership with, and guided by, the Master Community Workforce Plan, we focused on applying innovation to the issue of workforce development -- to create efficiencies in a fragmented system, bridge the gap between underemployed and gainfully employed and connect underrepresented talent pools to available opportunities

The 2018 cohort worked hard, learned from one another and the become connected to the workforce community. They have strengthened their commitment and investment in addressing Austin's workforce crisis. 


  • ...A desire to change Austin’s affordability problem
  • ...Identified a good Problem-Solution fit: your solution can actually have a meaningful impact on the problem
  • ...The skills and background necessary to be able to deliver your solution
  • ...The ability to measure your impact and track progress against it
  • ...A plan for the next twelve months with clear goals and outputs, fully aware that both are probably wrong
  • ...Are based in Austin, TX and want to learn from, contribute to and build with a cohort of locally-based peers


  • ...Consistent encouragement, inspiration and practical tools.
  • ...Dedicated time, mentoring and tailored support as you test and build your impact and business models
  • ...Specialist advice from other successful ventures and relevant experts
  • ...Powerful connections, including to customers, beneficiaries, potential partners, funders, talent and other locally-based peers like you
  • ...Help recruiting, building and engaging your board

*Huge thanks to the UnLtd USA team for sharing templates, inspiration & best practices as we have built this process and program.

What You Get As A Participant*

Impact Hub North and South are open to you.  Our community, our amenities, our coffee and swings!  Having you all in our building also ex

We know that people often learn the most from their peers, so we facilitate opportunities for you and your cohort members to share insights, resources, ideas and contacts.

Bringing together a city's top mentors, advisors and industry experts, we help you identify and pull in the talent you need to succeed, including customers, beneficiaries, potential partners, funders and talent.

Drawing on the skills and expertise of our team, our network of Mentors and your own cohort members, we provide customized coaching and a series of trainings in key skills for venture and impact success.

*Huge thanks to the UnLtd USA team for sharing templates, inspiration & best practices as we have built this process and program.



The best way to win is to have everyone brings their expertise to the table. Mentors are proven practitioners in Austin specific issues pertaining to housing, government, non-profits and business.